Tracking your browsing habits can be tracked by means other than cookies.  Cookies can be blocked or deleted.  Advertisers have found other ways to accomplish their tracking goals.

Flash Cookies

Flash cookies are small files stored by websites that utilize Adobe’s Flash Player technology.  The Adobe Flash player is used to store information about your online browsing.  Cookies can be replaced with Flash Cookies because they can store your site settings and preferences.  When you delete or clear cookies on your browser Flash Cookies may not be deleted.

Device Fingerprinting

Device fingerprinting uses your browser's unique settings and configuration to identify your device.  By storing your browser unique fingerprint companies can track your browser and browsing habits without using cookies.  Deleting cookies will not affect Device Fingerprints, thus preventing users from controlling if they are tracked.

Tracking in Mobile Apps

Traditional cookies are not used for tracking on mobile devices.  Instead, third-party advertisers and analytics companies use device identifiers to accomplish the tracking.  Apple’s iOS Identifiers and Google Android Advertising ID are used.

Tracking Smart Devices

Other smart devices such as televisions use tracking technology to track what your watch and your viewing preferences.  Check your device’s settings, you may be able to restrict or set limits on that tracking.

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